Lou Neil Pheasant (alienhouseplant) wrote,
Lou Neil Pheasant

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Saturday night television

What a wasteland. Even in the Fall season, programs on Saturday nights are little better than infomercials. Do the networks think all of us have places to go and things to do on Saturdays? Or do they figure we're home because of a lack of money, and therefore arent't likely to patronize their advertsers services?

And have you ever noticed there aren't as many beer commercials on Saturday nights? It's as though the networks are afraid we might have forgotten it's Saturday, and if we see an ad for a nice, cold beer we'll say to ourselves: "hmmm, a beer would go down really nice right now, especially since there isn't a thing on tv. I think I'll go out."

I think the networks should spend the first 10 minutes of prime-time showing a scene from a bar.. any bar. Red-eyed, slurring, loud, staggering drunks, making clumsy sexual advances. Maybe end the visit with a camera shot inside the bathroom.. the sounds of vomiting while we see a pair of feet sticking, heels up, out from under one of the stalls. That should keep some people home.
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