Lou Neil Pheasant (alienhouseplant) wrote,
Lou Neil Pheasant

Crazy Talk

I have a bad habit of talking to myself. It's mostly because usually there's no one else to talk to, or no one else that will listen. But the other night, I said something I still haven't figured out yet. I had just gotten to work and was in the process of getting out of the car. A few miles away I could see an airplane. When I looked up at it, I said: "Hey, I know you." I don't think I really did know them. Not sure why my brain made my mouth say that. I'm kind of hoping it will get worse, and I'll start talking out loud about a drug dealer or pimp while they're within earshot. Something like: "Hey I know you. You're a criminal. I think as soon as I'm away from here, I will call the cops on you. Hope you don't figure out what I have planned and kill me." Or maybe I could get fired at work by thinking out loud in front of management: "I wonder if they wanted to grow up to be pricks when they were little?"
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