Lou Neil Pheasant (alienhouseplant) wrote,
Lou Neil Pheasant

Vanishing Act

I work nights, so I'm not out in the sunlight much. Today I was wheeling across a parking lot to pick up some beer and doughnuts from the store. That was when I noticed it. I can see it even now, as I sit at the desk with subdued lighting. I wish I could stop looking, but it's still hard to accept. I keep flashing back to the parking lot. I was passing a group of people and fixed my sight on the ground. I saw the shadow of my wheelchair on the pavement. But I didn't see MY shadow. Just the chair. I experimented with different positions. Turned a complete 360 and... nothing. The wheelchair, with an invisible driver. In the store, I watched my wheelchair's shadow on the floor. I picked up a box of Count Chocula and waved it in front of boxes of Frankenberries. I could see the shadow it made, yet when I put my hand up to a box of Boo Berries "blocking" the light... nothing. People still see me, but light...? Light doesn't even know I'm there.
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